About Us

Revolutionary Natural 4C Hair Care Cosmetics

Maravi Beauty is passionate about the distribution and production of revolutionary haircare and skincare products. We have partnered with Sheer Elegance (VIP Cosmetics); a Soweto based business which is 100 percent female owned. Products include organic 4C hair cosmetics such as Leave-in-Conditioner, Anti-breakage Hydrating Masque, Hairline solution, Hair Food, Shampoo and Black African Soap Shampoo. We also manufacture skincare products made from unrefined Shea Butter such as body butter, body lotion and hand lotion.

Our Story

Maravi Beauty was founded by Phumeza Matshoba-Phiri, a South African IT Specialist, and Madalitso Zililo Phiri, a Malawian-born academic and scholar activist.
The name Maravi is derived from the 16th century Kingdom of Maravi. At its peak the kingdom traded in items such as beads and porcelain through contact with Portuguese intermediaries. The kingdom straddled the current borders of Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique. 
Maravi Beauty aims to capture the essence and spirit of the Maravi people, which thrived through transcultural trade exchanges, global and cosmopolitan living, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. 

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