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Authentic 4C Natural Hair Products made with natural ingredients from around Africa


Maravi Beauty is passionate about the distribution and production of revolutionary haircare and skincare products.

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Fro Babes Feedback

See what our clients have to say about this amazing product
Before I used @sheereleganceza my hair was dry and dehydrated, the result is visible and this product is so easy to use, I would recommended it to any one who feels like AFRO (4c) hair is hard to maintain @sheereleganceza you are really came through for my 4c.my coils are happy
If I had to rate the Leave In Conditioner, I'd give it a 9 out of 10 only because I haven't tried it on dry hair yet but the promises it keeps is AMAZING!! Unicode 😍🔥I love it!! Thank you @sheereleganceza && @naturallyroeleen for my giveaway goodie. I really comes in handy && not only do I use 1 product on my hair, I use sparingly too because it simply melts in my palms because of its light weight.💗Highly recommended.4C approved but it works so well on my 3C/4A hair.!!
So, I decided to try out the new products (Afro Naturals) products (Wash & Go Combo), which is the Co-wash & Treat, 6 in 1 Leave-in Conditioner and the Hydrating Moisture Spray. The 6 in 1 Leave-in Conditioner does the miracle, my hair is so soft and loves the texture as well. I used it once and imagine what it can do if you use it regularly. So, let’s go team, sell the products with love. I am in love with the products, it’s so amazing. Kids Combo did it, my daughter’s no chemical hair, this is how to roll with Afro Naturals.
Kgumotsse Sitole